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Owning a home or commercial property is a major responsibility. You need to be vigilant about maintaining it. When you stay on top of upkeep, your home or business doesn’t just look better. It’s also safer, more valuable, and more likely to stay in the best possible condition for years.

That’s not to say maintenance is easy. From keeping the roof clean to washing hardscapes, taking care of your property involves a wide range of tasks. You probably don’t have the right tools or experience to complete them all yourself.

Don’t spend so much time and money working on your property that you don’t get to enjoy it. At Reliant ProWash, serving the O’Fallon, MO area, we offer numerous services to help keep your home or business in great shape. They include:

Pressure Washing

Whether it’s a concrete driveway, pool deck, or any related surface, keeping hardscapes clean is essential.

People prefer clean surroundings. Research shows we’re happier and more comfortable when our environments aren’t dirty. Cleaning your hardscapes ensures you’re comfortable at home. If you own a business, it’s key to making the right impression on customers.

It’s also key to preventing injuries. When debris that’s accumulated on hardscape surfaces gets wet, it often becomes slippery.

Our team will boost your curb appeal and help guard against slip and fall accidents by thoroughly pressure washing these surfaces. We use powerful tools and techniques to complete the job efficiently without sacrificing quality or safety. If you try to handle this task on your own, you could risk injury (pressure washing equipment is dangerous in the wrong hands), accidentally damage an area of your property, or simply fail to do a thorough job. This is work that’s best left to the professionals.

Soft Wash House Washing

Keeping your siding free of debris and contaminants isn’t just about maintaining your home’s appearance. It’s also about saving money. Quite simply, algae, mold, mildew, and similar contaminants reduce the lifespan of your siding. You need to clean it regularly to protect your investment.

You also need to clean it correctly. Pressure washing often isn’t the ideal solution for certain exterior areas of your house. Instead, we offer soft wash house washing. The combination of low-pressure water and special detergents ensures a thorough clean without putting your home at risk.

Using the right tools for the job is one of our most important values. When you hire our team, you’ll be in the hands of experts who leverage professional equipment and industry-leading techniques to deliver ideal results.

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Stains on your roof don’t merely impact its appearance. They could also indicate the presence of contaminants or material that may have a negative impact on your roof’s longevity.

However, cleaning a roof thoroughly while not causing excessive damage requires a specialized approach. Using soft wash roof cleaning techniques, we remove contaminants that could otherwise harm your roofing, while limiting the chances of shingle damage.

Gutter Cleaning

Keeping your gutters clean is key to protecting your home (and your bank account) from numerous potential problems.

Gutters direct water away from your house. When they are clogged, that water has to go somewhere. Often, clogged gutters lead to problems that end up with water leaking into the home.

This doesn’t simply put your home at risk of water damage. If left unaddressed, water damage could result in a moist environment in which mold can thrive.

Avoid this by hiring our gutter cleaning team. Along with removing debris from your gutter interiors, we can also remove the striping that sometimes forms along gutter exteriors. This requires the use of special products.

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Residential Services

Residential Services

Cleaning your property can increase the value significantly while saving you thousands in the future due to damage from algae, mold, and mildew. Not to mention keep your property BEAUTIFUL!

Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Don't let customers be deterred by an unclean or neglected business. Reliant ProWash can take care of most commercial cleaning needs, keeping your property looking its best, giving you one less thing to take care of.

Fleet Washing

Fleet Washing

No matter the size or type of your fleet, Reliant ProWash can keep your fleet or inventory looking its best. Keep a great appearance and don't sweat DOT inspections. Avoid rust and grease build up with regular cleanings.

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