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At Reliant ProWash we are interested in two things: Creating flawless results for your home, and doing it in a way that is convenient for you. Our approach is proof that you don’t have to sacrifice on quality to get the great looking property that you have always wanted. Make your home as beautiful as it is accessible, as safe as it is inviting! At Reliant ProWash we understand that every surface matters – and our line of pressure washing services are here to keep them all looking great. Now that we are providing service in St Louis, High Ridge, and Chesterfield, MO it is easier than ever to get the quality residential exterior cleaning that you want and your property deserves. With our unique blend of experience and state of the art, industrial grade pressure washing equipment, we are well suited to rid virtually any surface of dirt and grime. If you are a homeowner in the St. Louis, MO area you can count on us for all of your exterior cleaning needs, including:

House Washing

Our team uses soft washing to make your home sparkle. This approach allows Reliant ProWash to get your exterior looking like new in a safe, guaranteed-effective manner. We apply biodegradable cleaning detergents that are capable of killing even the worst cases of mold, discoloration, and other buildup.

Our exterior washing services aren’t just for houses, too — we’ll also restore the beauty of your garage, pool house, and even garden shed!

Gutter Cleaning

Missouri experiences a lot of different weather year in and year out. As a result, your gutters are often working overtime. Our team will clear them of leaves, sludge, and other buildup that would otherwise get in the way of their functionality.

Roof Cleaning

As the primary source of protection for your walls and your family, roofs get plenty of exposure to the elements. This can lead to the premature degradation of your shingles. Why do they degrade? Over time algae, moss, bacteria, and lichens can accumulate where they can weaken the integrity of your shingles. If they are not addressed, they can hamper the effectiveness and curb appeal of your roof today, while having a negative impact on the lifespan of your roof. We solve each issue with our soft wash roof cleaning services.

Concrete and Hardscape Cleaning

From a patio to a driveway, your hardscapes and concrete areas are a functional and stylistic part of your property. We use pressure washing to remove buildup, restore sanitation, and provide your home with beautiful and spotless spaces to get outside and enjoy.

Results You Can Rely On

Our dedicated team always arrives at your property armed with years of experience and top of the line pressure washing equipment. Our team has extensive experience cleaning all types of surfaces. Our experience and technology ensure that we will deliver a service that will:

  • Remove stains and stubborn buildup
  • Kill mold, moss, algae, and other biological elements
  • Extract dirt from porous hardscapes
  • Brighten your surface for long-lasting quality

Invest in Curb Appeal and Quality

Pressure washing and soft washing is a great alternative to a costly replacement project. With routine cleaning from our experts, your surface will last longer and look better with each passing day. We believe pressure washing should be your property’s secret weapon. And with Reliant ProWash by your side, you’ll know you’re getting the very best in quality and customer service.

If you live in the Greater St. Louis, MO area, including O’Fallon and Chesterfield, give us a call or click below for your free estimate!

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Residential Services

Residential Services

Cleaning your property can increase the value significantly while saving you thousands in the future due to damage from algae, mold, and mildew. Not to mention keep your property BEAUTIFUL!

Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Don't let customers be deterred by an unclean or neglected business. Reliant ProWash can take care of most commercial cleaning needs, keeping your property looking its best, giving you one less thing to take care of.

Fleet Washing

Fleet Washing

No matter the size or type of your fleet, Reliant ProWash can keep your fleet or inventory looking its best. Keep a great appearance and don't sweat DOT inspections. Avoid rust and grease build up with regular cleanings.

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